Archive for the month July 2009

Queer Nazaria

As part of the pre-march celebrations the awesome folks behind the Queer Azaadi Mumbai March (to be held on 16th August) have organized a film program, appropriately titled – …


If only we too had the liberty to think out of the box! Needless to say, brilliant stuff…don’t you think?…

It Happened One Night

* Note : Contains Explicit Sexual Content

Zarina landed at Tokyo’s international airport and went straight to the hotel near the convention center. She had arrived two days before the …

India’s First Gay Marriage?

Yes we all are (at least us, the Queer folks & supporters) bouncing with joy over the recent Delhi High court verdict – in a way – legalizing Homosexuality.

But …

IPC 377 – To Be Or Not To Be?

Well we will find out today.

The much-awaited verdict on the eight-year-old public interest litigation (PIL) seeking decriminalization of homosexuality would finally be delivered by the Delhi High Court on …

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