Archive for the month November 2009

Bombay And More

[At the risk of being shunned by the MNS bullies, we present to you a poem on Mumbai Bombay by our resident author, Chicklet. We are Gay and therefore invincible.]…

The Gays Are Here

And it’s time to cash in. The most evident and (thankfully) positive effect coming from Decimalization of IPC 377 is Business honchos using the Gay angle to promote their products …

Celebrating With Pride

The atmosphere in the march was electric, and resembled nothing short of a carnival. In the midst of startling colours, drummers drummed out the sort of rhythm that one couldn’t …

Wanna Help!

The Indian Media loves us Queer folks, especially after the IPC 377 enigma. At times they represent us with the deserving sensitivity and care and many a times they do …

Rohit Verma Booo Hooo!

As mentioned in some of my earlier posts; Projection of the Queer World by the Indian Media, Entertainment Channels & Bollywood, gets my balls twisted all black and blue.

And …

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