Archive for the month December 2009

Happy Together

Twenty five years ago, Thingring fell in love with Roinachi who was serving as a domestic help in a family which allegedly tortured her. They soon married in a temple …

Miss India, Thoda Hatke!

India is a phunny country; an orthodox bitch to the extent of choking one’s sensibilities and the next minute turning into this fabulous woman high on progressive pills.

I remember …

Shiny New Gaysi Website

Hello fellow gaysis & supporters,

Hope you had a good weekend. I sure did. The Girl & I are throwing a holiday party (I refuse to call it ‘Christmas’ because …

Being Gay

Perhaps, ‘I got new shoes’ would have garnered more shrieks than my coming out did. Its been a couple of years now and I have realized how perceptions and opinions …

A Conversation

How does it feel to be in a closet? To be invisible? How does it feel to not have a voice? To be called a joke, a threat, a freak?  …

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