Book Review : Annie On My Mind

AnnieOnMyMind You can tell that Annie On My Mind is a wonderful book because even though it was written over 25 years ago, it still remains one of the most popular and loved stories about a lesbian relationship.

The book tells the story of teenagers Liza and Annie who go from becoming very close friends to falling madly in love with each other all in a very short space of time. How they deal with their love in a world that is still homophobic, 25 years from the time when this book was written, is what forms the crux of the story.

Liza is the narrator and has a voice and a character that is so well defined that you can easily identify with her. My favourite part about this book is that it makes one realise that being gay is not always about the sex. Just like with heterosexual couples, it’s about falling in love and dealing with the overwhelming feelings that come with love.

Interesting fact: Annie on My Mind was banned in several libraries and even burned! Read this book. I guarantee satisfaction.

About the author


Broom lived an ordinary, boring, unhappy and married life till she met the woman that she fell madly in love with at the age of twenty eight. By day, she is a techie. By night - a Walking Dead addict, London exploring, rainbow-loving, champagne socialist.
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