Gaysi Podcast 2.0 : The Bollywood Special

So we convened again, this past Sunday, after days of arguing over what time to Skype each other at. It was either too early in California or too late in Mumbai or smack in the middle of my Saturday social plans in London.

After generously compromising and agreeing to meet places and do people earlier in the day, I agreed to the 5.30 PM GMT time slot. And what do I get for my generosity? An MJ who shows up an hour late.

It wasn’t so bad though, because Queer Coolie, Rashmi & I got to chat with each other and get most of our giggles out of the way by the time MJ finally came online.

So here you go – our podcast about gay themes and gay people in Bollywood! I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoy chatting with each other and poking fun at each other (we edit out the super mean parts!).


About the author


Broom lived an ordinary, boring, unhappy and married life till she met the woman that she fell madly in love with at the age of twenty eight. By day, she is a techie. By night - a Walking Dead addict, London exploring, rainbow-loving, champagne socialist.
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