I wrote you fairytales. Fairytales I thought you dreamed.

You did not dream so.

I wrote you kisses. Kisses I thought were wanted.

You did not want so.

I wrote you fun. Fun I thought you relished.

You did not relish so.

I wrote you words. Words I thought were felt.

You did not feel so.

I wrote you poems. Poems I thought were funny.

You did not laugh so.

I wrote you commonsense. Commonsense you lacked.

You did not hear so.

I wrote you me. Me you never had.

You never wanted me so.

About the author

Queer Coolie

Queer Coolie is the pink and cheery avatar of a single Indian lesbian recently repatriated from the US. She also dabbles at being the following - Editor @gaysifamily | Dimsum Lover | Kettlebell Swinger | Startup Standup | Bathroom Beyoncé
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