Dirty Talk : Videos

Video clips of some of the Dirty Talking

Dirty Talk : Finale

(Performance by Varun Thakur)

(Performance by Pallav)

(Performance by Beena)

(Celebrity Appearance : Actor Imran Khan)

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Now 30, 100% shudh desi lesbian. Likes living large, and on the edge. Dislikes stagnation, fence sitting and hypocrites. Lives in a bubble of joy, with occasional lapses into drama queendom. Currently nursing a massive crush on actress Chitrangada Singh (kind of eerie, her resemblance to the late Smita Patil, don’t you think?). Aspires to build a fully functional support system for the Gaysi community in India. And most importantly, top the 'Hottest eligible desi-lezzie' list one bright sunny day.
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