Letter To AAP : Where Are The LGBTQ Aadmi In Your Manifesto?

My name is Kanishka Chaudhry and I am a member of your party.

Dear Arvind and Team,

My name is Kanishka Chaudhry and I am a member of your party. I am astounded and angry that even though you have publicly declared that you will include re-legalisation of homosexuality in your manifesto, your released manifesto does not cover that.

Can you tell me what is happening at your end that has resulted in this. Is it an honest mistake that you are going to correct ? Or if it is not then let me know.

If it is a mistake then, as a member, I have the right to know what and who caused this mistake. What is the action you have taken to rectify that mistake and when are you rolling out the updated manifesto with the re legalization of homosexuality mentioned in it as one of your agendas.

If it is not, then the party has not adhered to its core value of Honesty and Integrity and has cheated me along with countless others. I would then like to withdraw my membership from the Party and also want a refund of the Rs 10 (yes it is a minuscule amount) that I paid for the membership. The party is then not all inclusive and biased and I cannot support it anymore. I would then also advice all my friends, family, social contacts and colleagues to pull out all resources (monies or otherwise) invested in the party. I would then also like the Party to then make a public apology and provide reasons for this act.

Do let me know.

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Kanishka Chaudhry

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