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GaysiFamily was started to provide a voice and a safe space to Desis from the South Asian subcontinent that identify as LGBTQ. What began as a small intimate blog to share stories about what it meant to be Queer and desi (Gaysi!) has evolved into a colourful vibrant space with many Desi authors from around the world.

GaysiFamily provides a safe and intimate space for queer Desis who want to share personal opinions, coming out stories, poems, erotic fiction, book reviews, movie reviews or event notices. In addition, we also regularly interview Gaysis and straight allies from every walk of life.

Last year we launched an exciting project- ‘Writer’s Bloc’- which hopes to translate queer literature from various regional languages to English and from English to various regional languages.

We’re always looking for new writers and contributions. So get in touch with us and make yourself heard!