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The Cathartist is the Editor at GaysiFamily. She remembers nearly all her dreams to the last detail, would rather skip a movie than watch it after missing the first five minutes, has a rare form of Tourettes leading to inappropriate conversations and is a hopeless jerk magnet. If she ever writes a book, it will be called "La tyrannie d'anciens amoureux".

A Month of Pride and Party Pooping

As we walked towards the exit we had the venue staff telling us that we could not leave since there were police outside. A guy wearing a pony tail, beard, kohl eyed and wearing a vest was standing there instructing the police to go and check on the party. His name is Haji Ahmed Sahab Bawa (HASB) claiming to be a member of the NCP. He also was showing videos that he had clicked inside the party.

Protest Against Political Homophobia

Haji Ahmed Sahab Bawa, a Muslim rightwinger, screamed and name called 270 guests and cops watched meekly, until we decided enough is enough, people mustered courage and took the fight to the police station...and after 2 hours of 50 odd people standing outside the station, we were told there was nothing wrong with party, all the permissions were in place and it was wrong that the party was stopped.

Gossip’s Fundraising Party for Mumbai Pride

This time we party for a cause, to raise funds for Mumbai Pride 2012. Mother of all queer events is back, bigger and better than ever, Queer Azaadi Mumbai’s Pride walk on 28th January 2012. This year promises to have almost of a dozen pre-pride events to be held all over the city during the pride week (21st-28th January 2012). And in order to help realize all these events, Gossip is holding a fundraiser!

It Gets Better: From a Gay Pakistani Muslim

I have tried to come up with a hearty "happy new year" post for many days now. But suffering from a debilitating affliction which strikes the best of us - Writer's Block - I was unable to write one sufficiently creative or celebratory. But this video has shaken me out of my stupor.

The Importance Of Political Correctness

Every once in a while, the Indian blogosphere explodes in a cataclysm of self-righteous rage and indignation because yet another blogger brought up the Indian version of the Mason-Dixon Line. Our north-south divide. The GaysiFamily team had its own battle with Hippa Southies being the affronted group. Against my better judgment, I decided to stay out of it as the insulted always holds more weight in the moral scales of any such debate.

Gaysi Presents Triple Bill : Tasting

From Queer Coolie's love of cooking to Tappy's addiction to massages to Lady Jughead's love of all things descriptive... we present our triple bill. Three stories with different perspectives...erotica, romance, and much banter to tease your senses!

Gossip’s Wicked Halloween Night

Hello gorgeous gossipers! It's time to let your hair down again party Gossip Style! Mumbai's Hottest Queer party is back! And we have a brand new venue, the ubercool Metro Lounge at the trendy Lokandwala, Andheri West. With a big dance floor, a terrace lounge upstairs and a smoking lounge you will be spoilt for space and choices!

Book Review : The Reward by R. Singh

The best kind of books are the ones that make you want to write. The Reward by R.Singh does just that. It starts off interestingly as the writer uses rich imagery to paint vivid pictures of his childhood. The writing here creates such strong impressions, that I shared his nostalgia, when he recollects his childhood memories towards the end of his life. It momentarily made me pine for some of my own childhood... a phase of my life that I like to think about, very little.

The Nigah QueerFest ’11 : Call For Entries

The theme of this year's NQF, ‘Body Politics’ will hopefully provoke us into thinking about how sexuality can be the basis of an inclusive and interconnected politics, as we collectively explore and discover how our bodies are central to our imagination of ourselves and our politics.

Play Reading “EK MADHAV BAUG”

The Humsafar Trust, presents “Ek Madhav Baug,” a Hindi play by the late celebrated playwright Chetan Datar. “Ek Madhav Baug” is a pioneering Marathi language play about homosexuality and acceptance of the gay community.
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