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The Cathartist is the Editor at GaysiFamily. She remembers nearly all her dreams to the last detail, would rather skip a movie than watch it after missing the first five minutes, has a rare form of Tourettes leading to inappropriate conversations and is a hopeless jerk magnet. If she ever writes a book, it will be called "La tyrannie d'anciens amoureux".

Khush Nights @ Zenzi Bar

Its TIME TO GLOW PINK ONCE AGAIN AT SALVATION STAR's KHUSH NIGHT, first Friday of every month with great music,live acts,visiting DJ's,movie screenings,flea bazzars,book readings,art melas and most of all the fantastic food and drinks that makes Zenzi one of the hippest bars in Mumbai.

Double Life : Upcoming Television Show

From the Executive Producer of the acclaimed documentary?series, “Intervention” comes a new series about people who are living?double lives. We are searching for people who are tired of keeping their secret?from their family, friends, and loved ones. We are only looking for?people who are genuinely interested in finding healing in their lives. ?

Gossip’s 70’s Retro Party

Gossip takes you back in time, so darlings there is no time like the 70s, bring in the disco balls, the hippies, the flower power and some awesome music! So dance the night away to best of retro from Bruce Springsteen to RD Burman.

Aks : Reflections of Queer Hyderabad

A queer art event several mediums—photography, painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, video, collage, prints, poetry, etc—with content that seeks to express perspectives on queer lives, issues, identity and desire.

Missing Lesbians

Name some high-profile gay British men. It can be celebrities, musicians, actors, presenters, politicians, whomever you wish. Now try and do the same thing with lesbians. The likelihood is that …

Queens Pride Parade: March With SALGA NYC

SALGA NYC has been chosen to be the Grand Marshals of Queens Pride Parade. This means we will be marching at the head of the parade in Jackson Heights! We’ll have a dhol player banging out Desi beats while we march down 37th Avenue!

KASHISH 2011 : What To Expect?

KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival 2011, the second edition of India’s only mainstream LGBT film fest, promises to be BIGGER, BOLDER & QUEERER. The second edition will be held from May 25-29, 2011 at two venues in Mumbai, one of which will be a multiplex theater.

Queer Documentary Screenings

The Naz Foundation's Milan Centre and QueerCampus India invite you to the screening of three documentaries – Many People, Many Desires (45 mins) I am Beautiful (20 mins) O Boy (20 mins)
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