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Vi. 28. "She/Her". ENTP. Ace, but relationships are great~ Living in the southern hemisphere and preaching to the masses about the importance of fire-safety. One-time bass player for the all-girl uni band. K-pop (mainly SHINee). Anime (mainly Kon Satoshi). Dating an INTJ is 36% trollolol, 21% exchange of stuffed toys, 14% romance novels, 23% engineer talk, and 6% dance-offs. You did well. You worked hard.

Fan Fiction : Radioactive

There was a time when she walked upright. A time when she ran through the wind, danced on the dirt. Her feet drew planets and universes on the dry soil. Her legs spun gold and silver in their gait.

Fan Fiction : Lips

They stood in awkward silence for some long minutes after that. Feet shuffled, coat pockets jingled, gazes dropped, overhead speakers let out the latest pop songs.
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