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A well-educated professional doing freelance work these days. I have recently changed my career path and am now training to be a professional photographer. I am single, live in Gurgaon and take each day as it comes. I consider myself blessed to be gay, but in the 40 years of my life I have never been in a relationship with another man. Every day I hope that I will find someone who I can call my own, but no luck so far! By nature I am a simple and peace-loving person who loves intimate dinners and conversations, good music and above all, beauty (whether it is a beautiful house, a beautiful person, beautiful countries, etc).

Another Day (Chapter 4)

He felt completely at ease now and lay down comfortably. I sat down beside him and he promptly started showing me photos on his phone. The very first one he showed me was of his nephew – sister’s son – who was born that very day!

Another Day (Chapter 3)

This time I was not surprised. I was stunned. Who in their right mind would travel 70 km to meet a man they had never seen or met before, except on a dating app? Definitely not me. And here he was, a crazy young lad, who kept his word that he would come to meet me that very day.

Another Day (Chapter 2)

An idea dawned on me. I asked him if I could call him via the app, without making it a video call, so that we could talk to each other. He immediately agreed. I remember thinking to myself: how can someone be so accommodating?

Another Day

At 43 years of age, I did not have much to boast of in terms of a personal life. Here I was - a single, gay man living away from my family for nearly 15 years, with many unsuccessful attempts at finding love and some unremarkable short flings.

What’s Your Pref?

Under tremendous pressure to find a suitable partner for myself, I finally took the plunge and created my profile on a popular gay dating app.

Love in the Delhi Metro

The train towards HUDA City Centre was rolling into the platform, and I hurried to reach the last coach, which I was usually found to be less crowded than the others. I made it comfortably, and waited for the doors to open. At this time there were fewer people boarding the train, and I hoped to have a comfortable ride for a change. The doors started opening, and that is when I first saw him.
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