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A well-educated professional doing freelance work these days. I have recently changed my career path and am now training to be a professional photographer. I am single, live in Gurgaon and take each day as it comes. I consider myself blessed to be gay, but in the 40 years of my life I have never been in a relationship with another man. Every day I hope that I will find someone who I can call my own, but no luck so far! By nature I am a simple and peace-loving person who loves intimate dinners and conversations, good music and above all, beauty (whether it is a beautiful house, a beautiful person, beautiful countries, etc).

What’s Your Pref?

Under tremendous pressure to find a suitable partner for myself, I finally took the plunge and created my profile on a popular gay dating app.

Love in the Delhi Metro

The train towards HUDA City Centre was rolling into the platform, and I hurried to reach the last coach, which I was usually found to be less crowded than the others. I made it comfortably, and waited for the doors to open. At this time there were fewer people boarding the train, and I hoped to have a comfortable ride for a change. The doors started opening, and that is when I first saw him.
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