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RENT For Free!

I am not going to share your joy and sorrow till you are ready to partake mine. I am not going to give you all till you meet me halfway down the road.

Iceland : Part 2

Planting a thousand lingering kisses on her neck and shoulder; I slowly moved down and my mouth reached the base of her spine. This was not how I had imagined our first love making seven years ago.


I’d met her for the first time one evening at a friend’s place. She was there - A friend of a friend of a friend. We laughed, we joked surrounded by many. It wasn’t just the two of us. Then I met her again and again and again. Still surrounded by a mass of humanity. And each time, I discovered something new about her that would make me smile when I got home.

My Love

The beloved always leaves, James had told you. So when you learnt to love, you should have learnt to grieve, my love.


I had reached to turn off the shower and felt burdened. I had no idea or hunch of when we would meet again but I knew it wouldn’t happen standing naked in the bathroom. It could only come in its own time. I knew from experience that all I could do was relax and stay receptive.

Finding Her, Finding Me

Later that night I dropped by her cubicle, to hand in my research. She was beyond doubt, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. And it didn’t stop there.

Love Triangle : Part 1

She was the sporty kind who drove a red and black Hero Honda and and was always in T's and jeans with a new pair of sneakers she had picked up in Dubai or Bangkok.


I approached her with unsteady legs and a quivering smile. I am surprised that she doesn’t recognize me. What better way than to be strangers to reconcile! She told me that she works as a nude performer in the galleries of NY.


Broken hopes, unkept promises Expanding void and the fall This Is what I am left of you


i was drowning you rescued me. i had forgotten what it was to laugh that deep heartfelt laugh you reminded me.

And Then…

I turned over and you felt my body all over yours. And I began softly kissing your right shoulder and your neck. I can still feel that tingle of warmth and hunger.
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