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News and latest happenings in India and around the world affecting Queer lives.

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A Utopian Dream…

If you are living in India and words like free society, 21st Century, democracy….mean next to nothing. But what does stay, and kicks us hard up in the arse …

Different Perspective

Karan Goel (27), who suffers from retinitis pigmentosa (90 per cent blindness), has made a film, The Other Side, on the gay community that urges society not to treat them …

Marriage Gone Sour

(Regarding the lack of posts – No we haven’t been sleeping, we have just been sleeping)

Now this bit of news has me confused. More like divided on the issue …

Its A Sin – Pope Benedict XVI

Excellent post by thedeskjockey questioning the-oh-so mighty Pope’s stance on Homosexuality.

According to the revered Pope Benedict XVI, one of the biggest threats to the Homo Sapiens kind on earth …

Aliyah’s Story

An interesting piece from the LA Times:

Aliyah Bacchus is a Muslim who left an arranged marriage in Queens, N.Y., before coming to understand her sexuality as a lesbian. Before …

Gaysi Plight

The Washington Post reports on the travails of being a gaysi:

In reality, gay and lesbian Indians say, they have few places to meet openly, and studies show that they …

Ban Ban Ban

Bloody depressing to see the outcome of Proposition 8. And this is Amrika we are talking about, the so called safe haven for us gay folks. Classic example of  – …

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