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Ellen OR Portia?

Would you rather sleep with Ellen OR Portia?

Ellen (she tickles my funny bone) Portia (hot! hot! hot!) I just wanna be their pet! Nah! neither do nothing for me...

Phone Sex?

Phone Sex?

Tauba Tauba! (Just No!) I'm too Shy! Yeah Baby! bring it on! I likes. But not my Partner.

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Gay Capital of Bharat?

Gay Capital of Bharat?

Mumbai (well so says gossipy Mid-Day) New Delhi (Hotter Queer folks, duh!) Bangalore (baring the time restriction, fantastic party circuit) Chennai (education yo!) None of the

Queer Book That Gets Your Fancy?

Queer book that gets your fancy?

Fiction (Mind F-U-C-K) Erotica (O Ya Baby!) Real life accounts (nothing beats it) Self help types (I am okay! I am fine! I am
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