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Just before this picture was taken, it appears like The barber had put a bowl upside down on your head And trimmed what laid outside of it.

F Off!

F off, you call this love? you don't know what it is to serenade you could, I’m sure, climb up a mountain, and push me too

India’s Celluloid Closet : Year in Review

Here’s a look at what Bollywood threw up in terms of LGBT on-screen representation the past year. Yes, there were the usual homophobic gay “jokes” (Golmaal 3, Housefull; thanks for starting the trend Mr. Johar) and some regressive portrayals (Anjaana Anjaani), but let’s not give them more airing.

The Journey

The silence of lonely paths And fighting the fear of your memory Is how I have known journeys to be What to say of that journey When destiny will be my companion


words said in silence points still to be made, left on your fingertips words that sweep me in your arms [...]
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