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Gaysi Podcast 7.0 : Gay Marriage

Its summer… and its Wedding Season ! Yay ! [ Or if you are on the meat have our sympathies ] On this edition of the Gaysi Podcast, we delve into the topic of Gay Marriage with a stunning cast of chatterboxes…

Podcast Interview : DJ, Ma Faiza

“Because even the best can sometimes be sloppy” – Well, this pretty much explains how I botched up a simply brilliant Podcast date with one of India’s awesomest Queer celebrity, a couple of weeks ago.

Gaysi Podcast 4.0 : Coming Out (Part 1)

A month or so ago, Five of us …yes! Five spanking HOT gaysis got together one Saturday across 4 timezones for a near-2-hour Skype call discussion on Coming Out. After a ridiculously amazing conversation that was 4-5 podcasts worth covering the queer spectrum from end to end on we find out that…

Interview : Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil

The evening started with a quick registration…introduction…badge pick up etc. and a paper with the “Royal palace” Protocol sheet…! A list of conduct and communication practices with ‘his highness’…rather hilarious and kinda ticked off some of the reporters present there..!

I was second in line to have my ’5 min’ rendezvous with him…I stretched it to 8…