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Gaysi’s Rashmi @ Chennai Pride 2011

Thanks to TG activist Kalki Subramaniam, our own Rashmi joins Chennai Pride 2011's "Bold and the Beautiful" event. Tamil version of Rashmi's piece "I" will be a guest entry in this film screening event.

One In The House

Karthik and Yamuna work in the Computer industry. Having lived abroad for a lot of years, they moved back to Chennai last year and settled down there. They own 2 luxurious expensive apartments very close to the airport. They live in one and rent out the other one. The earlier month when the last tenant had moved out, they had informed broker Paramasivam about the apartment’s availability. Paramasivam was very well known to them. When they were residing abroad, it was Paramasivam who was managing the apartments.


Aththai (Aunt/Buaa) is a 60 yr old orthodox Tamil-Brahmin woman. She never went to college, never got a job, never got married. She lives with her brother's family, where not everybody is nice to her. If that isn't hard enough, it took all these 60 years for her to realize she is NOT Straight. Can she come out?

Kareena, Katrina, Priyanka and Lord Vishnu

“There is a gang sir, not just one. The way they look, the way they talk, and the way they walk, yuck! It makes me throw up!” said Kesavan, making a disgusted face. “Women and children who visit the temple are so scared of them. Don’t these Aravaanis realise that the temple is a sacred place and that they should not come and be a nuisance here?” [...]


"Why not? Why do you think we have a P.T. period? You cannot simply sit through it,” he said, and then blew his whistle to call the captains of both the teams. “Guys, take Kumar on one of your teams,” he said to both the captains. “Oh! He is a Pottai * sir. I don't want him in my team,” One of them said. “Yes sir! He is such a Ombodhu *. He can’t play,” said the other one. “…….” The story was originally published in Tamil in Thinnai magazine.

Brooding Roosters

“Where are you from, Raghu?” asked Kumar. “I grew up in New Jersey,” replied Raghu. “My parents are originally from Chennai.” “Oh! Nice. Do they live with you here?” I asked. “Oh No! It is just me, my partner Rob and our daughter Kamala.” “Rob??” I got confused. “Yes. Rob. Robinson” “…….” The story was originally published in Tamil in Thinnai and Thendral magazines.
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