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Rainy Days – Finale

* Note : Contains Explicit Sexual Content

In the Bedroom

Zarina walked out of the coffee-shop with Mallika. There was a slight drizzle of rain. They walked in silence to …

Rainy Days

* Note : Contains Explicit Sexual Content

Memory Lane-2

Mallika was already waiting at their table when Zarina arrived at India Jones. She was checking messages on her blackberry and …

Equal…Ya Rite!

And we thought grass was greener on the other side. Guess not.

The usual slew of groups will be marching in the parade, from the “Telugu Literary and Cultural Association” …

Delhi Pride, 2009

[Pictures contributed by da gorgeous Ms. Gangwani. What can I say, I’m forever indebted. Thank You.]

When Baba Ramdev Broke My Heart

Once upon a time, I use to admire this man. This man, Baba Ramdev. No no! Not because he wears the saffron dhoti. Or single handedly popularized Pantanjali’s yoga shaastra. …

Rainy Days

* Note : Contains Explicit Sexual Content

Memory Lane-1

Zarina and Mallika walked in silence to Mallika’s apartment opposite the Fariyas Hotel in Colaba. Mallika was calling in sick for …

Tum Gay Ho?

Over the decades, urban Indian parents have chipped away one reservation after another in the interests of their children’s well-being. Most parents today easily accept that their children may marry …

Rainy Days

* Note : Contains Explicit Sexual Content

Part I: The Coffee shop

Zarina walked into Theobroma on Colaba Causeway and sat at a table by the window, at the very …

Thoughts On IPC 377

Sumant Srivathsan talks about the good, the bad and the missing.

The HC ruling states that it will be used to govern laws pertaining to non-consensual unnatural sexual activity involving …