Just As Promised

Hello Gaysis!

I told you this wasn’t some April fools joke. We’re here, we’re queer and we’re staying. I hope you like love the new design and layout. A lot of blood, sweat and tears (all contributed by MJ) has gone into this, so you better say that you love it.

What’s different, other than the designs? Let’s see:

Regular posts – we admit we got a little lazy in the last few months. Life was being a bitch and a lot of us had writers block. I know life will be a bitch again & we’ll have writers block again, but we’re hoping that this time around we’ll blog about it!

Interviews – We’re going to be interviewing the aam junta from the gaysi community and also people that are doing work related to gaysis – authors, filmmakers, social workers etc

Events – There’s a lot of  gaysi events happening all over the country and we are going to make sure you don’t miss any of them because you didn’t know.

Forums – We’ll have them up & running  before  you can say  ‘Rainbows!’ Maybe a teensy bit longer than that – but they’re almost there.

Facebook – We have a Facebook fan page – go join!

You – Yes! You lurkers! Come out of the woodwork (I resisted the urge to say “closet”) and talk to us. Tell us what you want to see here, ask us questions, alert us to stuff that’s happening in your lives and in our community.

So that’s all folks. Leave us a comment & let us know what you think of this dhinchak new shiny gaysi site.

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Broom lived an ordinary, boring, unhappy and married life till she met the woman that she fell madly in love with at the age of twenty eight. By day, she is a techie. By night - a Walking Dead addict, London exploring, rainbow-loving, champagne socialist.