And Then…

* Note : Contains Explicit Sexual Content

Do you know how your eyes close whenever I kiss you?
Do you know how your heart beats whenever I hold you?

Tell me

Remember that Sunday morning when you were in the city and we were in your hotel room in the wee hours of the morning?


and then And how you dreamily told me, ‘Let’s make love’. And the way you got up from the bed, and systematically went on to switch off the fan, draw the curtains on the window and switch on the air con.

Didn’t know you were watching me. I thought you were busy taking your clothes off!

Nah. I was watching you. And then, you stood near the bed and looked into my eyes. I could see my face in those brown watery eyes. And then, you took off your tee, exposing your bare body to my hungry eyes. And then, you pulled down your shorts. You looked so teasing. I almost came looking at you.

Alright! Don’t embarrass me now.

And then, you got into the bed and laid yourself down next to me. And I turned over and you felt my body all over yours. And I began softly kissing your right shoulder and your neck. I can still feel that tingle of warmth and hunger. That’s when you closed your eyes.

God! You make me melt.

I cupped your breasts in my hands & placed my full lips on your nipples. Your body surrendering to my touch. The heat from my mouth tendering those moans from you and when I licked the tender areola …

Stop it!

The desire you had in you to have me, to own me. You wrapped your legs around my waist, your body radiating the heat and giving me permission to find my place in between those thighs. And when I entered you …

Do you know what you’re doing to me !?

Yes. Inviting you. It’s Sunday tomorrow. So, are you coming?

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