God Loves Hair – Book Launch

Kathryn Payne (http://www.brokenjaw.com/catalog/pg49.htm)
Karine Silverwoman (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUJnHYs4VmQ)
Free admission.

God Loves Hair is a collection of 20 short stories following a tender, intellectual, and curious child as he navigates complex realms of sexuality, gender, racial politics, religion, and belonging.

Told with the poignant insight and honesty that only the voice of a young mind can convey, each story is accompanied by a vivid illustration by Toronto artist Juliana Neufeld (http://juliananeufeld.com)

“A touching, poetic exploration of budding sexuality, the mysticism of religion and family dynamics.”
Brian Francis, author of Fruit

“Shraya’s endearing descriptions of childhood and adolescence are both humorous and heartbreaking.”
Sara Quin (of Tegan and Sara)

“A welcome peek into the complexities, richness, hardship, and even ‘juicy’ moments that make up a life lived not part of the majority.”
Ted Kerr, Xtra and Vue Weekly columnist

Vivek Shraya is a transplanted prairie boy living in Toronto. Active in the local queer community, he’s also a musician who has toured North America, showcased at NXNE and CMW, and appeared with Tegan and Sara, Dragonette, and Melissa Ferrick. Shraya has released five records, including 2009’s Keys & Machines, and was recently featured on ABC’s Private Practice. God Loves Hair is his first book.


About the author


Broom lived an ordinary, boring, unhappy and married life till she met the woman that she fell madly in love with at the age of twenty eight. By day, she is a techie. By night - a Walking Dead addict, London exploring, rainbow-loving, champagne socialist.