Being Gaysi

I’m not going to lie, I started this article a dozen times in the last two weeks and ended up deleting everything that I wrote. I just didn’t understand how to concisely pour my heart out about identifying as a gay desi.

Picture Source : Sapna Magazine

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about our community, it’s that topics that are not socially acceptable are swept under the carpet, coined taboo, and spoken of in hushed tones. Well, not anymore. I realized after two weeks of drafting that the best way to do this was to be rid of inhibitions and write with simple honesty: Hi, my name is Kashif and I’m a Gay Indian/Pakistani/Sunni/Shiite/Punjabi/Muslim.

Read Kash Amin’s heart-felt story on what it’s like Being Gaysi.

And if you thought we Gaysis had it bad, well the Irish Queer Community is voicing its rights too.

About the author


Now 30, 100% shudh desi lesbian. Likes living large, and on the edge. Dislikes stagnation, fence sitting and hypocrites. Lives in a bubble of joy, with occasional lapses into drama queendom. Currently nursing a massive crush on actress Chitrangada Singh (kind of eerie, her resemblance to the late Smita Patil, don’t you think?). Aspires to build a fully functional support system for the Gaysi community in India. And most importantly, top the 'Hottest eligible desi-lezzie' list one bright sunny day.