Why This Blog? : Marathi Translation

Translation in Marathi of Gaysi Editor, Broom’s “Why This Blog?” post.


Why this Blog?  [Link]

Translation in Marathi

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[*Editor’s Note : This piece of original writing is accompanied by its translation. We’d love to hear what you thought about it. If you think you can offer another translation, of some words, or even of the whole piece, mail us via Contact Form. We’re open to suggestions, corrections, additions, deletions – as long as they’re an improvement over what we have. Remember the context is all decisive, so while you may not agree with some, or may find yourself offended, it’s a piece that was written within the writer’s context – and we can’t tell authors what to write. What we can do, is read and critique.]

About the author


I'm a writer living in Mumbai who dreams incessantly of time travel

About the book author


Broom lived an ordinary, boring, unhappy and married life till she met the woman that she fell madly in love with at the age of twenty eight. Since then, life has been anything but ordinary! Accepting her sexuality was the hardest thing she’s done and this site was born out of a desire to help other women find a support system that she had a hard time finding when she needed it. Broom is now out to everyone that matters – including her parents. She dreams of the day when she won’t have to protect her identity on this blog or anywhere else.

About the translator


A person of varied interests, ranging from theory of relativity to theories in spirituality, sustainable development and economics and of course queer issues. Stimulating conversations over cups of chai or coffee is something that she’s always up for. Laid-back Sunday mornings and occasional trysts with cooking are latest additions to her list of favourites. Learning to live independently and slowly making her place in the world as a queer person.