Brooding Roosters

“Where are you from, Raghu?” asked Kumar.
“I grew up in New Jersey,” replied Raghu. “My parents are originally from Chennai.”
“Oh! Nice. Do they live with you here?” I asked.
“Oh No! It is just me, my partner Rob and our daughter Kamala.”
“Rob??” I got confused.
“Yes. Rob. Robinson”

The story was originally published in Tamil in Thinnai and Thendral magazines.

Original in Tamil

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* Editor’s Note : Brooding Roosters has been previously published in Tamil magazines Thinnai & Thendral, respectively.

Translation in English (1)

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Translation in English (2)

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[*Editor’s Note : This piece of original writing is accompanied by its translation. We’d love to hear what you thought about it. If you think you can offer another translation, of some words, or even of the whole piece, mail us via Contact Form. We’re open to suggestions, corrections, additions, deletions – as long as they’re an improvement over what we have. Remember the context is all decisive, so while you may not agree with some, or may find yourself offended, it’s a piece that was written within the writer’s context – and we can’t tell authors what to write. What we can do, is read and critique.]

About the author


I'm a writer living in Mumbai who dreams incessantly of time travel

About the book author

Shridhar Sadasivan

Shridhar Sadasivan was born and raised in Tamil Nadu and now lives in the United States. He is a member of the Chennai based LGBT group MovenPick and a member of the executive team of, a bilingual LGBT resource website. Shridhar aims to break into the conservative Tamil media with his short stories and introduce LGBT characters to the readers. He hopes to create awareness on LGBT issues and struggles through his writings.

About the translator

Nadhiya Mali & Srini Swaminathan

Nadhiya Mali can be found on Twitter.

Srini Swaminathan, yet another Engineer from BITS Pilani. Worked in a yet-another-job in the Oilfield for 8 years before giving it up to become a not-yet-another Teacher in a Municipal Primary School in Dharavi as a fellow with TeachForIndia. Is also a long distance runner and cyclist. Loves torturing cameras to capture the truth. Loves torturing technology to take these frozen truths to people. My Facebook profile & Twitter profile.