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Interview: Artist, Mallika Sarabhai

I have personally done everything considered black spots in our society. Live in relationships, pre-marital sex, being separated when pregnant, living alone, single mother, relationships and live ins after separation, being in a relationship with a younger man. I have no peers that I consider worthy of listening to. And I don't respect this fraud and conniving thing we call samaj. Luckily, thankfully, my family has always trusted that I would do the right thing and have always been there when I get my nose bloodied. I try and do the same for the children.

Kareena, Katrina, Priyanka and Lord Vishnu

“There is a gang sir, not just one. The way they look, the way they talk, and the way they walk, yuck! It makes me throw up!” said Kesavan, making a disgusted face. “Women and children who visit the temple are so scared of them. Don’t these Aravaanis realise that the temple is a sacred place and that they should not come and be a nuisance here?” [...]

Contemporary Courtesan

I don’t want to be
your wife;
best friend.

I want to be
be a contemporary courtesan
to be your intellectual equal,
To be your skilled lover,…

Everything You’ve Wanted To Ask…

Folks, we're really thrilled to announce that Magdalene Jeyarathnam, who is the Director at the Center For Counselling in Chennai has very kindly agreed to answer any questions you might have about being LGBT. If you've wanted to talk to someone with credentials about the struggles you're going through, or your friends and family members are going through - this is your chance!

Bengaluru Pride & Karnataka Queer Habba 2010

Bengaluru will celebrate its third Bengaluru Pride and Karnataka Queer Habba in November this year. The Queer Habba events will be organised during the latter half of November and will culminate with the Pride March itself on Nov 28th (coincident with the Delhi Pride March). These events are being organised by CSMR (Campaign for Sexuality Minorities Rights), a collective of LGBTQ and allied groups in Bangalore.

So *This* Is What The Politicians Want To Withhold?

It was a bright sunshiny afternoon- warm with a cool breeze. The guests gathered as the lovely ladies promised to love and cherish each other as they exchanged rings. The party continued as the guests drank beer, barbecued, laughed, ate, and mingled. As I enjoyed this lovely festivities, the non drama filled, so unIndian shaadi I couldn't help but wonder how is someone's happiness a threat to the moral fabric of society?

Release Of Scripts (13th Issue)

LABIA (Lesbians And Bisexuals In Action) and RCWS (Research Center for Women's Studies), SNDT University invite you to the release of the 13th issue of SCRIPTS.

Scattered Memories

the faint sound of waves hitting the shore,

your fading laughter,

you calling my name

on one Sunday afternoon.

scattered memories,

captured in the mid vein of my life,

starts …

Self-Hate & Interracial Dating

“Most” of the desis I met in college came from conservative, religious, upper-class families. They tended to only hang out with other rich desis and would only date other rich desis (of the “opposite” gender, of course). The farthest their adventures would go would be a Hindu desi dating a Muslim desi, and their parents would end up driving them apart.

Queer Math

Growing up queer means knowing as a wee young one that I was different. Its not so much about knowing what “gay” or “lesbian” etc. means. Its just an inkling that something is not right with your part in the world. At that time, I recall not being able to understand why or how I was different because it was all still ambiguous.

If The Walls Could Talk

We sit down and stare at each other. I wonder what you think. Walking through the maze of this relationship has made walls spring out of arid nothing and curl …

An Appeal for Preethi

20+ year old, Preeti, has been detained at the Thiru Vi Ka Police Station (Chennai) since 20th September. Preeti, a former employee of Jaya TV, came out as a lesbian about 2 months ago, and has expressed her desire to be with her partner. Predictably, she has run into opposition with her family who want her to get married to a man against her wishes.

QCI : Delhi Public Meeting

You can help us to approach the administration of your college, or get us some contacts regarding the same. We need campus spaces to hold QCI meetings because it'll allow us to get more visible among the general college-going youth and initiate a queer call.

Review : Queer Store, Azaad Bazaar

I realized that Azaad Bazaar, housed in Mumbai’s suburban Bandra is not about shopping alone. Tagged as 'India’s first LGBT store', but for regulars at the store and I, it’s also about finding a space to be! I’ve found myself spending hours chilling in the chairs outside with friends and sipping coffee (on their fabulous honour system) or meeting a new queer face every time I pop by the store. I’ve seen random strangers walk in with questions about looking for the perfect something to jazz up their outfit for a pajama party and share their angst over how they look, their hair and their love life! I’ve come in to find common friends get advice, support from everyone as they came out to family and dealt with the aftermath within its walls.

Interview Aam Gaysi : “I Am A Dyke-Identified Transwoman”

At a cynical level, I am thankful I am not one of the ubiquituous desis - being married; running behind 2 kids, attending kids' birthday parties every weekend and eating desi grub and talking about the latest tamil/telugu/hindi movies and gossip about the stars and about that friend whom we all hate, and all this while flaunting the finest silk sarees, dhotis and wearing all the jewels we could ever possess.


“You fill up my senses…come fill me agaaaaaain”, I crooned. Ok. Maybe it was crowing. Beside me sat my 3 year old niece looking at me with a particularly …

Gay Men Hold Record For Longest Kiss

Two gay men have broken the record for the world’s longest kiss, shattering the previous best of 32 hours, 14 minutes and 7 seconds by Nikola Matovic and Kristina Reinhart in 2009. The attempt by Matty Daley and Bobby Canciello lasted a total of 33 hours.

The Dreaded Roommate Conversation

As a college student, I’d lived in the dorms for 2 years – 1 as a resident, 1 as a resident assistant, which is like a hall monitor or whatnot in the dormitories of the American collegiate system. My first year, my roommate was awful, but she moved out after first term and I never had to bother coming out to her. My second year, one of the perks of the RA job was that I got free room and board, with a room to myself.


“Good Morning Honey, I’m in your city!” A text message like this is one of the few things that can make you spring out from your cosy blanket on a …

The XX factor

What does a woman look for in another woman? I could probably ask what a woman looks for in a partner, but I assume it’s not the same thing. I for one, look for very different, almost opposite qualities in men and women. But from what I understand, it probably works differently for gay women.