Book Sham-e-Raah : A Few Scattered Thoughts

Owais is a Bhopal-based author and poet, whose book of Urdu poetry called Sham-e-raah was published in 2002. While the book has the Hindi translations of the poems, here is Amit Julka’s translations of the poems in English. The book is several pages long, and we’ve approached another translator – a blogger if you must know – to translate some more of these poems. So these translations will come up every now and then.

Original in Urdu

Translation in English

[*Editor’s Note : This piece of original writing is accompanied by its translation. We’d love to hear what you thought about it. If you think you can offer another translation, of some words, or even of the whole piece, mail us via Contact Form. We’re open to suggestions, corrections, additions, deletions – as long as they’re an improvement over what we have. Remember the context is all decisive, so while you may not agree with some, or may find yourself offended, it’s a piece that was written within the writer’s context – and we can’t tell authors what to write. What we can do, is read and critique.]

About the author


I'm a writer living in Mumbai who dreams incessantly of time travel

About the book author


Owais was always fond of the written word, perhaps as a result of his upbringing as a single child by a single mother. Words were his only *real*friends; he wrote his first short-stories before he had his first orgasm. His first poems were written when he started working as a trainee engineer in Mumbai, celebrating his (unrequited and unconsummated) love for a cute office-boy. He returned to serious wordsmithery only after he managed to create his retirement corpus, and quit high-flying in the corporate world in the year 2008. In between, apart from gay activism, he did manage to find time to write a few poems, short-stories and essays; which were published in magazines, in book-form as well as on-line. Based in Bhopal, and pushing 47, he now gives Life Coaching, and creates what he calls TextMovies, which he publishes online. Some of his writing can also be read on his blog ( He maintains only one profile on-line:

About the translator

Amit Julka

Amit Julka is your average pseudo intellectual guy next door...His idols are Ghalib,Hugh Hefner and the man in the mirror....He was a confirmed atheist until he saw alessandra ambrosio, which kinda sparked his belief in divine creation...Although he was a software engineer until about 2 months ago,he quit his job to pursue his Masters at SOAS,London....He pens(or rather keys in) his musings at The Goofy Sufi.