I look over and watch as Dawn
Creeps out from under the covers
Slowly treading, softly as shadows
Stealing across my face
Tracing smiles in her wake
Bringing to light,
Stormy escapades from another night
Memories of a million stories
Undulate at will and pleasure
Each fold- whispers secrets untold
“if these sheets could talk..”
I giggle, nursing a thought
She leans in – plants a kiss
Laced with sunbeams upon my lips
Ethereal, almost evanescent –
I reach out to hold her, but,
She’s gone, sublime to my touch
Like the night before
And the night before that –

About the guest author


A little bit of what is and what's not,.... unravelling complexities... an interesting mix of all things childish and childlike.... easily impressed,.. easily disappointed, easily amused, easily inspired and more recently on the road less travelled.... chasing the silver lining... the presence... the abundance. Commonly known to suffer from a plethora of quirks.. especially an acute form of FOOT-IN-MOUTH!! Continuously evolving,... continuously discovering.