Ode To A Muse

I don’t know you as friend

Or lover

Or my happily-ever-after

An acquaintance? –

Stretches imagination for a fit

But you’re written, firmly written into

My mind, in time, in rhyme

Fertile life-scapes of

A lyrically scripted design

Unwinding of words

Turning phrases, to forms

Creation of language, like threads

Organic –

Weaving intricate tapestry,

Discovering artistry

A registry of life, love, pain, ecstasy

Feelings … like wild honey

Bitter-sweet and thick

Rolling off my tongue, to my fingertips

These love tainted cords

Finding their way

Like fingers interwoven

Forever locked in an embrace

Nursing desire like wine

Chemistry of a fantasy

Igniting poetry!!…

About the guest author


A little bit of what is and what's not,.... unravelling complexities... an interesting mix of all things childish and childlike.... easily impressed,.. easily disappointed, easily amused, easily inspired and more recently on the road less travelled.... chasing the silver lining... the presence... the abundance. Commonly known to suffer from a plethora of quirks.. especially an acute form of FOOT-IN-MOUTH!! Continuously evolving,... continuously discovering.