Eloquence Of A Reality

Would you say you found

What you were looking for

Did expectations meet your need

Was the other side of her rainbow

As picturesque as painted dreams

Does fantasy converge?

With sharp eloquence of reality

Or do dew drops gleam with

Promise of more

Refracting off broken dreams?

In caffeinated lucidity, dimly surreal

Morning’s beams and cigarette ends

Her form, still budding below

Last night’s untamed sheets…

Eyes arriving at first light

She’s not what you remember from last night

Did expectations meet your need?

Do cloudy dew drops yearn for

So much more than

Muted rubble of ship wrecked dreams?

About the guest author


A little bit of what is and what's not,.... unravelling complexities... an interesting mix of all things childish and childlike.... easily impressed,.. easily disappointed, easily amused, easily inspired and more recently on the road less travelled.... chasing the silver lining... the presence... the abundance. Commonly known to suffer from a plethora of quirks.. especially an acute form of FOOT-IN-MOUTH!! Continuously evolving,... continuously discovering.