New York to Bombay – a million miles away
You ridicule my visit to the temple to pray
We stage a mock debate- pretending to argue and fight
After all, it’s the start of my day and your night
That’s the two of us for you dear Aam Gaysi
As diverse as chalk and cheese

U the outspoken American and me the diffident Desi

I am a simpleton and you are a big tease

I am a simpleton and you are a big tease

Ferry boats, Long car drives, listening to the radio, watching the sunset
Give me a natural high – so does lolling aimlessly in bed
Au contraire, u prefer long silences, ur ipod and the subway instead
And my crazy discourse on life always makes u want to bang ur head

It irritates me when u flirt with your online platoon
And laugh at my openly loving the odd Mills and Boon

Tough! Those books are mine for keeps

Just as your timeout with your intellectual peeps

You don’t get my notions on love and romance

Laughing at my drama rama = ur favourite stance

While I don’t approve of your X-tubing women on the pole dance

Neither do I understand your unwillingness to study at Oxford- to not take a chance

U get irritated at my being flippant

Whilst I find ur brutal honesty hurtful and blunt

We even fight on which sides of the bed we sleep

Subtle divides: Superficial or Deep?

Candlelight dinner: French cuisine and wine
Don’t constitute your idea of a fine dine
Neither do you understand or dig
My love for Bogie, Grant and the odd romantic classic
I am impulsive to your extreme practicality
Ur crazy compulsive rationality
Drives me mad and insane
As much as u find my spontaneity irritating and inane
Yet despite all this, we do happen to click
Wonder if the differences make us tick!

About the guest author


Stret-a-Scope is a happy go lucky confused Desi in search for true love’s kiss like any other Gaysi. She is passionate about her bffs, frozen yogurt, kebabs, theatre, television, south Indian accents, leather jackets, Patrick Dempsey and Thomas Pink. She works in India but her heart is in New York, the residence of her current love interest. Sleep deprived- juggling world time difference, her current mission is to convince her love interest that they are meant to be together despite their apparent differences.