Lady Gaga, Bollywood Remix & A Disheartened Monster

And as your biggest and dearest fan, I take the responsibility upon myself to bring your attention to this atrocity!

Dear Mother Monster AKA Lady Gaga AKA the epicenter of my life,

I write to you with grave concern. Disaster has fallen upon the house of us GayGays.

And as your biggest and dearest fan, I take the responsibility upon myself to bring your attention to this atrocity!

I was most excited to hear of your collaboration with Culture Shock on a Desi remix of Born This Way. But upon listening, I was a extremely disheartened. It deeply concerns me that in the Culture Shock Remix of Born this way, the lyrics “No matter gay, straight, or bi, Lesbian, transgendered life I’m on the right track baby I was born to survive” have been edited over.

We all know how much you love your little monsters and how you have been the undying relentless warrior to the LGBT community. Born This way was released when the gay youth needed you the most. The bullying and suicides were getting out of hand, and I’m sure some little baby gay heard your voice telling him/her that god made them perfect, which made him feel better. I know this because it made me feel better.

The meat dress. The speech at Maine. The National Equality March and your address to President Obama. Your rendition of John Lennon’s Imagine at the HRC dinner. Bringing a gay member of the armed forces to the 2010 VMA’s. Dissolving your relationship with Target. You have stopped at nothing for the gay community. But some how this particular remix was over looked.

I ask nothing but for those words to remain intact, especially for the LGBT community in India. In a country where a law against homosexuality took 148 years to over rule and (not the mention the brave fight by the relentless souls who have fought it), it is of utmost importance that your voice be heard. No one is free while others are oppressed and we south asian gays can use your support. In your own words, “it isn’t equal if it’s sometimes,” so I urge you Mother Monster, do not let this go. It is a humble request from a homo… I know you would never let this fly intentionally, and we are all human after all. Be fierce Mother Monster, stand up for us, as you have always done and will continue to do. Cross the border and help us out with your 20 most beautiful words, we could use it.

On a side note: Please come tour in the wonderful city of Mumbai. You and your whole crew can stay with me. We will cuddle.

Your most ardent and loyal and super lesbian fan,

Love you to bits Mother Monster!


[Editor’s Note : What do you think Gaysis?]

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