Confessions Of A Not So Dangerous Mind


A group of girls in cheer leading outfits are seen standing against a green screen. The camera tracks in towards them, moving in closer, focusing on stomping feet and colliding hands. It’s the final shot of a 30 sec commercial for ‘Chuck Barris Shoes’. The director calls for silence on the floor. There’s a sense of urgency to finish. She’s nervous about something but doesn’t say much. Orders are given and the camera begins to roll. A ‘cut’ is finally heard and the silence is broken. The director immediately gathers her things and walks out. Someone interrupts but is quickly brushed aside.


Out on the streets, the traffic roars. The director walks across the pavement, whizzing past the maddening crowd. The lane leads into a park and the director pauses for a minute at the entrance before walking in.


Sliding boards and swings are seen, children play oblivious to the world outside. A woman strolls near a pond, stealthily attempting to catch a glimpse of herself in the water.  The fish gather around and stare up at her curious, hoping she has something for them. She bends over as if to whisper something to the water when she is interrupted by the director.




Maddy, you couldn’t be on time even if your life depended on it.

I was just asking little Nemo here out to dinner and…



I have tried so hard to not be here with you in this moment.

Silence. MADDY takes a deep breath.

But, I… just can’t seem to fall out of love with you.






Falling in came easy.

Falling out is… waking up every morning telling myself, this can’t be right…

I can’t be so pre-occupied with someone…

It’s a bloody distraction!

It’s got me worrying about someone, caring about someone

Wanting the best for someone, wanting that someone…

It’s pissing off!

I feel… like an inflated balloon.

I mean…you’re everywhere.


Have you lost it?



Logic, fear, hatred, distance… nothing seems to work.

I just want to love, I tell myself

I want parts of a lifetime not all of it

Moments of it, happy and sad,

Just love… I say

But then, why is it so hard? Why is it so excruciatingly painful to just love,

Without need, without attachment, with want but without wanting it all?


Ok…stop… Maddy, you’ve never said anything about this before. Wha…



Fall out! Fall out! Fall Out! I say.

Let go! I scream.

But those chemicals…have f***** me over.

It’s a dead end! Of course it is.

It’s a dead end…. But, I still stay there.

Stay in love… with you. Sometimes, it’s a bloody wonderful feeling too.


(Calms down, takes a moment, switches gear and  moves in closer to Nina )

So, how did that sound?



How… How long have you felt this way?


(out of curiosity)

How did that sound? Did it sound ok? Does it leave an impact?




Just tell me what you thought of it.

Was it any good? I mean is it emotional enough? It needs some tweaking but

did it give you that strange feeling in your stomach?

You know…


What are you talking about Maddy?


Remember that movie deal I mentioned earlier?

Well, I got it! Some science fiction crap.

It’s about this alien …who visits earth and befriends this girl… some place in Idaho.  There’s this love scene and all and he’s supposed to be confessing his love for the girl and I hated the way it sounded in the script. So I kinda rewrote the dialogue. Changed it up a bit…. So…it’s raw… but what do you think?

Nina stares at Maddy speechless.



You call me here for this? You’re incorrigible Maddy!

…..I’m leaving



Oh! Common…I needed to see if it worked. Sorry to throw it at ya.

At least tell me it sounded alright?

Nina leaves in haste and gets into a taxi.


Maddy, just show up at my wedding will you?  And try to be there on time.


Yeah Yeah….

(Silently to herself)



love you

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