Gaysi Girl

I never wanted to fall for a desi;
And now I find myself head over heads over a Gaysi.
She is a natural born charmer;
Totally averse to me and my drama.
All I want is her attention;
Instead she disses me and my pretension.

She introduced me to wonderful new things;
In the hope that I would be distracted and start a new innings.
But her witty and funny lines;
Made her to me all the more divine.

I think we make the perfect pair;
Alas! She disagrees- much to my despair.

Stubborn as hell, she refuses to meet me;
Or give me a date;
When I think even a coffee may seal my fate;
Boy! This Monster sure knows how to make em wait

So for now I end my silly little rhyme;
With a song dedication this time;

My Gaysi Girl… My Gaysi Girl

Ain’t no body like my Gaysi Girl.

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