It’s Not Me! It’s You!

Lord knows how many times I have used this line, but there is something about you. Really. Believe me. There is. Not that there wasn’t something about G, T, L, S and many more. There was something uniquely attractive about each one of them. But, with you I simply can’t put my finger on it. You intrigue me and surprisingly always leave me more curious. I am just left craving for more. More stories, more coffee, more smiles, more flirtation, more teasing, more hugs, more signs, just give me more. I like you yes, but that is just a given now, isn’t it?

Honestly, what I feel around you, annoys me. I just don’t know what it is! I am hoping it shall fade away soon. Or maybe not. Yes, I am attracted to you. But, what I simply don’t understand is- Why?! What is it?

You don’t make me feel corny and that is how I always behave around people I am attracted to. You can ask G, T, L and S. (Psst! They found it cute. Selling point!)  I don’t think of you that often. But when I do think of you, all you leave me with is a smile and a calm, happy feeling. And then I get back to my life and work.

You are not the kind of person I am ideally attracted to. I really don’t have a “type” per say, but there are certain things I simply don’t like. You are narcissistic, you are flamboyant, you are never direct with what you have to say and you never clearly express what you think of me. Surprisingly, I just cannot dislike these things in you, however hard I try.

You confuse me, you leave me flummoxed, always craving for more. I simply don’t know what I am going to do with you. I know I am asking for trouble, but give me more. Give me more, because I can’t see this curiosity fade, because I like this confusion. Give me more because I like this alien feeling. It is a little like taking a whiff of aged red wine, you play games with my senses and gradually fade away.

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