Nothing Dirty About It!

Teaser 1 - Harish

Yesterday at Dirty Talk 5.0 – Nothing Dirty About It! I was taken back to the day I looked at my body, and could appreciate it… the day, I could feel so much ease that I could laugh at it – that day I was born again.

Looking back, from abuse to hope, from hate to love, i have come a long way.


I refuse to be modest about my accomplishments.

I refuse to hush up my victories over dear life.

I refuse to be silent about my resilience.

My inspiration is my own life.

I know i sound pompous and narcissistic.


My pain was profound, and so will be my pride.

About the author

harish iyer

Harish Iyer is an active voice for a number of social causes. He is mad and whacky, intelligent and stupid at the same time. Maybe that's what got him a listing in the World's pride powerlist as one of the 100 most influential LGBT persons in the world.
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