Gaysi & Labia Present Read Out Loud!

A one of a kind event of reading queer stories by and about LBT persons!

Are you a storyteller? Are you a raconteur or a jongleur? Are you a bard or perhaps, a minstrel? Maybe you just have a darn good tale to tell? Or a devout reader who cannot wait to share the writing that keeps you awake at night?

Labia & Gaysi, together – have just the event for you:

Read Out Loud!

A one of a kind event of reading  queer stories by and about LBT persons!

On Sunday, November 17th – Join us at the Art Loft, Bandra from 7-9 pm with your fable, anecdote, spiel or yarn or come prepared to be charmed by the narration of a multitude of chronicles!

Every storyteller will get 5 mins to share their tale …. and there will be no censorship.

Bring your friends or just amble in along to make some – We will be there, not just in black and white, but also pink and yellow as always!

Details to have on hand and share are below. Don’t miss this!

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