Traveling Local In Mumbai? Need A Little Help?

Between Borivili to Churchgate
How many men and how many stains ?


On The Go

I saw five of them at Goregaon station
Three more got in at Andheri
By Bandra they had multiplied to 15 too many
Hurdled and aimed
An army of violaters, policing around.
So focused on breaking records.
Between Borivili to Churchgate
How many men and how many stains ?

Instruction Manual for Local Travel

May I have your attention please!
Passengers are requested
Not to travel on rooftops.
Tops and bottoms,
And the curious likes.
You are requested not to climb out,
Or even sit on the cerulean surfaces.
Just stand up and mingle in,
Near the doors and the passages,
Become a thick gelatinous smog,
Felt but never caught.
Be on the moving floor, juggling.
Aspire not for the high roof,
But the erect of these men.
Don’t reach out,
But lower down.
For there lies everything unachievable above,
And what’s worth life, love
Is below.
Sometime peeking sometime hidden.

About the author

Mayank Bisht

Clouds, stars, lousy humans and romantic bugs, mushrooms and starfish are what I write about. These verses are fantastical dreams and twisted realities. A rich broth of many secrets, some as is and some tempered with. Be cautious before tasting.
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