10 Gifts That Will Make Your Friends Scream This Pride

It is a new year, which means a fresh new Pride month is just around the corner and so if you are thinking of some great gifts for your friends, this little list I have curated for you won’t fail.

I love Imbesharam. I love them for they bring a brand that has brought otherwise taboo-products to India and for doing such a good job at it. They have a wonderful and exhaustive collection that addresses pretty much every single concern or fantasy that might rise up in a bedroom. If not, I am certain that they will come up with something soon.

It is a new year, which means a fresh new Pride month is just around the corner and so if you are thinking of some great gifts for your friends, this little list I have curated for you won’t fail. Man, woman, gay, bisexual, lesbian, we have something for each one of you and everything that we have listed below costs less than 3 grand.


When in doubt, think, “Handcuffs!” This is true for a number of situations. Looking for something to spice up your sex life? Want something fun to gift your friend? Any occasion is a great occasion for handcuffs and this one by Bijoux Indiscrets just a must-have. The feather-finish makes it a thousand times sexier and the marabou lined wrist cuffs will make sure that all that raunchy action doesn’t hurt your wrists. It is also a great gift for a friend who might be considering experimenting with bondage.


We all know that that the female big-O is as elusive as the Bigfoot, so show you care by getting your friend something that can never fail her. It is super-powered, discreet and easy -to-carry around. Its soft silicone Flex-Tip, this angled for targeted stimulation massager, the whisper-quiet motor with three variation of speeds apart from the pulsating “tease” mode, all makes it an investment for a lifetime. The fact that it looks like a lipstick makes it safe to simply throw it into you bag and take it wherever you go. This literally could be the greatest gift you could get for a friend.


Available three yummilicious flavours– cinnamon, mint chocolate and spearmint, Comfortably Numb is a desensitizing spray specially formulated to reduce the discomfort of associated with oral sex! As much fun and pleasure that goes into oral sex, we all know there is a certain little gagging issue that comes along with the package deal. The mist contains a mild numbing agent that coats the back of the throat, making giving a blowjob all about the fun and pleasure alone. And, what’s even greater is that it doubles as a breath freshener as well.


The Screaming O Ringos is a great gift for the male friends in your life. They are inexpensive and extremely practical and useful. These super-stretchy gel erection rings will give you longer, harder, firmer erections. There are two other versions of these Ringos. The Screaming RingO pack of three’s come in two different colors. Screaming O RingO 2 double erection ring on the other hand, is a penis ring that isolates the shaft and testicles for a more intense experience. These rings stretches to fit almost any size member.


They are sexy, and they are tasty–that’s a combination you don’t find easily. These pretty crotchless panties comes in four different flavours– Watermelon, Strawberry, Peach and Green Apple. The one size fits all triangle panties have elastic straps that give way after your you are done. YUMMY!


We already spoke about the ever-so-elusive orgasms, so we have for you yet another great gift for the women in your life. The Wanna Be Wild Intense Orgasm Gel is a clitoral & G-spot gel made with Clove Leaf Oil which helps intensifies sensitivity, making your experience a thousand times more interesting. It is also a water-based product, making it safe for use, without fearing an allergic reaction. It is also adult toy & latex friendly, and water-soluble, making clean up extremely easy.


This water-based lubricant created using natural aphrodisiacs, created by the Topco Sales company, will help you keep things cool and tingly even when heat is climbing through the roof. The water-based formula acts like a moisturizer, while the vitamin E makes it beads that burst on contact gives an exciting cooling sensation! It is glycerin-free and latex, condom, and sex toy friendly, making this a product that you can bust out in any setting/


As fun as it is to receive a blow job, giving one can often be slightly distressful. It can be messy, tiring and can make you gag. This little kit has everything that can make going-down a fun experience for you as well. The kit contains a blow job bib, a spit bag and some popping body candy. It already sounds like a must-have.


If you have a friend who’s resolution for the year is to stay single and not mingle or simply indulge in some self-love, this is the gift for them. “Tenga has transformed the perception of self pleasure to a near art form with the release of the Tenga Cup,” reads the Imbesharam website and we are drawn to believe them. Twist it, roll it, pump it… the choices are varied, and you can enjoy an orgasm that your hand has never helped you achieve before. It’s the first masturbator to include suction plus an accordion style flexor for varied stroking in circles, up and down, side to side, whatever you want. It is also internally pre-lubricated with soft jelly nubs to help massage the penis to climax.


I know we already recommended one clitoral gel, but, one can never be too spoilt for choices and Imbesharam makes sure of that. This particular gel contains a blend of certified organic extracts, peppermint oil, natural damiana, L-Arginine and L-Ornithine that increases blood flow to the clitoris causing intense orgasms. The product comes in two versions– the Gentle and Intense formulas. This gel is water-based as well, making it a great choice for yourself, your friend or even your partner.


We saved our personal favourite for the last. It is colourful, it’s informative and it is a whole lot of fun. Both versions illustrates either a foreplay activity or a sexual position. Each contains three games, which helps one build up to 100,000 possible fantasies. It is a great gift for those couple friends of yours, whom you can never figure the right gift for.

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