Identity Is Multi Dimensional

Am I the labels i was born with or bestowed upon me?

*Who am I?? I get this a lot..
Am I the quarks that dance forever between a field and particle?
Am I the microbe and bacteria that so outnumber my cells in this body?
Am I the molecules that form this shape of a Homo sapien me?
Am I the body (with an expiration date) I was born with?
Am I the color of my skin??
Am I the genitals I was born with?
Am I the engineer as my degree paper says?
Am I the cog. scientist as my “other degree” says?
Am I the data scientist my job title says?
Am I the Daddy my daughter calls me?
Am I the psycho i was nicknamed by some of my classmates?
Am I the “terror” another bestowed label?
Or “nandy” yet another label?
Am I the Tamilian I was born and grew up in?
Am I the Indian the country i was born?
Am I the partner I married?
Am I the value I create?
Am I the revenue I earn for my company?
Am I the writings I do?
Am I the thoughts I have?
Am I the religion I was born into?
Or chose?
Am I the tri-brains some peeps propagate as truth about human brain?
Am I my depression or dark times?
Am I the clown/joker I play when I am dodging pain
Am I the small star dust ?
Am I the generalist i use to market myself?
Am I the nerd — my most surest identity
Am I the labels i was born with or bestowed upon me?
The only reply I am comfortable replying with put a integral (or 4)
across space, time energy mass and attention.

Alternate ending/answer: Just go plug yourself into the total perspective vortex and you’ll figure it out easily enough..

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Nandhini Anand