Gaysi Family is a media platform and safe zone for queer desis that was formed in 2008. We hold space for queer folx from across South Asia to share their stories and experiences, while engaging with others from the community.

We believe that it is critical to understand what it means to be queer. While people are aware that being queer means being LGBT, we must also understand that queerness is a philosophy, a politics, a sensibility. Queerness extends beyond sexual orientations, gender definitions or identities, and includes anything that’s different or alternative to the structures normalized in contemporary society.

Gaysi's platform amplifies individual voices, enabling more people to meditate on and relate to what it means to be queer.

Meet Our Team

A Safe Space For Desi Queers

Sakshi Juneja (She/Her)


Sakshi is the co-founder of Gaysi Family. She is the soul of Gaysi's social media and offline existence. When not thinking up new ways of engaging with the extended Gaysi Family, Sakshi can be found chilling with her fur babies, enjoying sumptuous keto meals, playing badminton, and hosting lunches & dinners for her friends and family.

A Safe Space For Desi Queers

Priya Dali (She/They)

Art Director

Priya Dali, is an independent illustrator and graphic designer from Mumbai. She engages in conversations about gender, sex and sexuality through comics and zines. She is the art director at Gaysi Family. She liked to draw bad jokes.

A Safe Space For Desi Queers

Tejaswi (They/She)

Digital Content Editor

Tejaswi is a journalist, researcher and facilitator whose attention is captured by human relationships at a time of the Internet of Things. As an autistic person, their special interests are pleasure, public health, and a sense of unbridled freedom to love, connect & relate beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and right. They can be found @tejnesss across all popular social media.

A Safe Space For Desi Queers

BRC (Ze/Zir)

Digital Content Editor (Focussing On Queer Dalit Writings)

BRC’s writing and research focus is on caste, sexuality, gender, intergenerational trauma patterns and disability. Ze primarily works with organisations led by marginalised caste, gender, sexuality and disabled persons. Ze is a Dalit non-binary neurodivergent (autistic) person. BRC established the first decentralised reading group: Savitri Birsa Ambedkar Malcolm X Kanshiram Ansari Veerammal (SBAMKAV) which works as a collective instead of following a leadership model. Ze also moderates the signal/whatsapp group: Stym-the first autistic support group espousing anti-caste values.

A Safe Space For Desi Queers

Anushka Jadhav (She/Her)

Creative Director - Projects

Anushka is an educator and artist who facilitates discussions on gender and its intersections with art, design, public infrastructure and media, among others, at educational institutions across the country. Her primary area of work is the representation of identity, particularly gender identity, in narratives of different kinds— from visual to textual, from mainstream cinema to mythology. She is also the co-founder of No Country for Women — a gender education organization. At Gaysi, Anushka does the programming for the Zine Bazaar and designs, curates, and organizes Gaysi Family’s on-ground workshops and talks. She also consults on film projects and scripts alongside writing the occasional film review.


“Museum on Queer Swipe Stories, an Instagram account by Gaysi Family and Tinder documents the wonderful everyday-ness of queer love from across India.”
“Sowing the seed of acceptance within the tender worldview of children, The Boy In The Cupboard succinctly narrates the heartfelt tale of a boy, who struggles to understand himself and his place in the world. Brought out by Gaysi and Letorri Press, the book is for age seven and up. ”
“In essence, Gaysi has one dream, which also encapsulates their purpose and existence: that no LGBTQ person should feel alone in this country.”