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Her pronouns are she/they, but please don't ignore the 'they'. She loves books, music, art, handwritten letters and painting their nails. They believe it's important to critique what one loves, not to stop loving it, but to get a more wholesome picture of it.

Reviving A Disabled World

While speaking with Gaysi, Nu and Sam from Revival shared that the magazine was formulated about a year ago, with the intention of raising awareness about issues regarding disability, sexuality, and intersectional ableism. But now, it has evolved into a home to more than a hundred disabled and queer individuals.

Discovering Gender Neutral Treasure At The End Of This Capitalist Rainbow

Despite these amazing models doing amazing work in the field of fashion, to me, it seems like gender neutrality is the latest trend for clothing and fashion - a capitalist move instead of being genuinely inclusive and progressive. Honestly, what on Earth does “gender-neutral clothing” even mean? Clothes do not have a gender. They are meant to cover our bodies and protect us from the weather.

Agha Shahid Ali: A Lover And A Poet

Agha Shahid Ali is one such poet, whose silences and secrets call you in like a siren at sea. He was a gay Muslim man who was born in Delhi, brought up in Kashmir, and later moved to America. His intersectional identity factors heavily in his poems which makes them more raw and captivating.

Aam Aadmi Party Launches LGBTQ+ Cell Ahead Of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Polls

AAP has also never emphatically voiced concerns about the Trans Act, 2019, or the issues faced by the trans community at large. Their announcement on their social media pages shares no information as to any procedural or systemic changes that have been adopted to create a safe space in the Party for LGBTQ+ voices to share, be heard and participate in various day-to-day activities; just vague declarations of inclusion and progress.

Queerbaiting And Yuri! On Ice

The argument that comes up when discussing this show is whether or not it is queerbaiting. One response we received from @three_kids_in_a_trenchcoat also said that a queer relationship doesn’t have to have PDA to be valid, and I agree. I don’t think Yuri! On Ice is queerbaiting at all. I think there are several things to be discovered about this show the more we watch it.

Yoga And Queerness

Thin people often become the face of fitness and this extends to the brand of yoga. It is also seen as an activity to become thin, to gain that 'hot summer bod', rather than as a mindful practice. However, in the spirit of subversion of dominant heteronormative ideas of movement, we spoke to Allé K (he/they), a queer, fat, trans masc activist and educator who is also a certified yoga instructor.

Fear Street Part One 1994: The Right Amount Of Scary And Creepy

It’s a good pick while you’re browsing through Netflix searching for what to watch next. It was the right amount of scary and creepy and has a good amount of gore and blood, although some of the characters are cliched and the plot is predictable, but that’s part of the charm.

Pride Is Political

Representation in the active politics and bureaucracy, having equal job opportunities, equal wages, right to safe living & public spaces, not being used as a wider consumer group for merchandise, not being othered or alienated from society - all of these matters just as much, if not more. This is what makes queer existence so political, whether we acknowledge it or not - having to demand the same rights and safety that straight people take for granted.

Money And Free Bus Rides For The Trans Women In Tamil Nadu- Are They Enough?

The Union Ministry had also extended their aid and provided Rs. 1,500 to trans people across the country. To access this benefit, they had to register using their Aadhar cards and provide their bank accounts. But since registration was only possible in Hindi or English and Aadhar cards often had dead names of the person, while many others did not have their medical certificate, this was largely inaccessible and designed for failure. Moreover, not all who applied received the money either.

Fat. So? Fatphobia. NO.

We are constantly surrounded by myriad capitalist forces like movies, magazines, fashion, and more that reiterate being thin as the ideal. So even when you want to accept yourself, you are hindered in this journey because you can’t find clothes in your size in stores, or a family member is being judgemental, or you’re being bullied by a medical healthcare provider, or a hundred other things screaming at you that you ought to become thin. Pallavi and Ameya are two individuals who know these struggles all too well and have taken it upon themselves to publicly combat these notions through their podcast called Fat.So?

Film Don Jon Has Good Messages To Give Us, Yet Puts A Moral Responsibility On Women To “Fix” Men

Jon is addicted to porn, he shows all the signs of an addict. He spends hours browsing pornography websites, is unsatisfied with real life sex, cannot have stable relationships, mastrubates an unhealthy amount any time of the day and night (probably why I didn’t realise his job as a bartender for most of the movie), feels guilty about it because he confesses to the priest at church but continues doing it anyway.

Imagining A Queer Future In Sports, One Trans Person At A Time

Influenced by the larger politics of heteropatriarchal ideology, the field of sports has often been associated with glorifying cis men. However, there is hope in that change in history is influenced by what we do in the present. This piece is about people who challenged these notions of gender in their chosen sporting professions in recent times.

Making Space For Trans-Mascs To Speak Their Truth

Thanks to the Ideosync UNESCO Information Fellowship Grant that Prithvi qualified for, this podcast emerged as a media project carried out between Oct 2020 and March 2021. Prithvi’s aim was to mainly spread awareness about the transmasculine community, their struggles, joys, victories and every day experiences which although seemingly insignificant to others, has significant impact on how one views and accepts themselves.