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Anubhav is a writer and digital marketer by profession who has just started his own company. He was raised in a small town in Odisha, did his PG Diploma in Journalism from Pune and relocated to Mumbai in 2016. He loves writing about society and his experiences with his surroundings.

Gay Matchmaking Agency – A Distant Dream

In 2018, I came across an ad of an agency on Facebook. They claimed to help find partners for the homosexual community in India. Their impressive portfolio of a year and golden words made me believe that there is actually something like this and it is possible.

Moving Towards Oblivion

I clearly remember when I first dreamed about a family. It was the day I read about WHO report and how homosexuality is not a mental disorder. Sitting in my bedroom I decided that I will get married to a guy, have a small house, have kid/s and a pet (mostly dog), and will live happily ever after.