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Music. Photos. Theatre. Sea. Osho. Friends. Books. Dreams. Beatles. Freedom. Thoughts. Stories. Expression. Memories. Conversations. Movies. The love of my life. Defines me!

The Art Conspiracy Festival

With more than 300 artists, both professional and amateur willing to exhibit their work, a team of 40 established artists who are collaborating, performing and helping shape the festival and across 13 venues (lounges, restaurants, stores and the Bandra Fort) the festival promises to change the face of art in Mumbai.

Book Review : The Dead Camel And Other Stories Of Love

My love for Parvati Sharma’s writing began when I read The Quilt, an adaptation of Ismat Chugtai’s Lihaaf in Electric Feather and now with her debut book “The Dead Camel and other stories of love” , I am just seconds away from begging her to marry me. For those of you who don’t know Parvati Sharma, let me give you a brief introduction. She is a lesbian writer based in New Delhi and has worked as an editor, journalist and travel writer among other things. I am told, she is lovely, fantastic, gifted with an ironic sense of humor and foremost, an extremely talented writer. Perfect partner choice, isn’t she?

Commonwealth Queers: Past, Present and Future

Examining the specific intersections between Queer and Commonwealth histories, this panel considers in the first instance the ideological baggage that Commonwealth nations share with reference to the criminalization of homosexuality. Of the 70 countries that penalize consensual same-sex acts, more than 40 share this colonial history. What does this historical inheritance mean for gay communities today? And what future directions will this common heritage take?

One Day

It is neither Christmas nor Valentine’s Day. Nor is it the first day of any year. It is just one of those days. She says she wants to work on …

Scattered Memories

the faint sound of waves hitting the shore,

your fading laughter,

you calling my name

on one Sunday afternoon.

scattered memories,

captured in the mid vein of my life,

starts …

QCI : Delhi Public Meeting

You can help us to approach the administration of your college, or get us some contacts regarding the same. We need campus spaces to hold QCI meetings because it'll allow us to get more visible among the general college-going youth and initiate a queer call.

Queer Campus Meet Up

Queer Campus India is a queer collective for students/youth which provides a space to share your experiences/politics , find a support group and hang out. We have been meeting every second and fourth Saturday of the month. For this week's queer campus meeting, come with anything that you would like to perform or read out - either at the meeting or in the future.

Iceland : Part 3 (Finale)

*Note: Post contains explicit sexual content.

“It was winter dammit. December 2003!” She pushed me away and walked towards the couch. I had no choice but to follow her. She …

Iceland : Part 2

*Note: Might contain explicit sexual content.

She took out the map of Iceland and asked if I wanted to go for a drive…“Why Iceland ?” I asked. And I wasn’t …

Queer Cafe, A Golden Evening

I looked around and found all stereotypes melting away. Even the thought of calling it a minority community seemed absurd. I was given slot number three. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into until I was called upon to read.


It was 8 o’clock and dark outside. There was no wind blowing and the body was tired from the run. That’s when it struck. The wave of longing. It suggested …

Dirrrty T

Yeah, my girlfriend loves to talk dirty in bed. It drives me crazy and is a big big turn on for me! But it wasn’t like that from the beginning. I used to get embarrassed and nervous (anything worthwhile is usually nerve-wrecking!! – remember good old days? ). But she made me realize that talking dirty doesn’t have to be all sleazy and nasty.


I approached her with unsteady legs and a quivering smile. I am surprised that she doesn’t recognize me. What better way than to be strangers to reconcile! She told me that she works as a nude performer in the galleries of NY.

Naz Celebrations, New Delhi

If there is one constitutional tenet that can be said to be underlying theme of the Indian Constitution, it is that of 'inclusiveness'. The inclusiveness that Indian society traditionally displayed, literally in every aspect of life, is manifest in recognising a role in society for everyone. Those perceived by the majority as “deviants' or 'different' are not on that score excluded or ostracised.

New Delhi Joins The Party

Delhi Pride Committee invites all to join in celebrating the efforts of countless queer individuals, activists, lawyers and supporters from every walk of life, who led the Naz victory for the dignity and rights of LGBTIQ people.

Chennai Pride Festivities 2010

The sexy Pride Month is here and the celebrations have begun! Chennai is rocking this month with various events and contests to celebrate the visibility of alternate sexualities and gender identities.
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