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When Life Dies and Death Awakens…

I opened my eyes and found myself  swimming in a pool of sorrow. How do tears fall without one’s knowing, in one’s sleep? How deep must the pain be for …

Breaking Through

It’s incredible when one is in love. It’s always as if it’s the first time. Even though it never is, except when it actually is the first time.

Aiye Lou It

Love happens.
What do you mean?
Means… it happens. You know?
I don’t know. So at the risk of sounding irritating…what do you mean?
Chhh … I don’t know.

(A …

The Vision

Aditi saw her for the first time as she cycled back home. It was the same route every day and she could do it with her eyes closed. In fact …

Riding Against The Wind

You know the whole thing of Dykes on Bikes... yeah well, I’m that dyke. And although I would be on the bike even if I was ramrod straight, somehow, I have been cast into the stereotype by virtue of being gay. Damn.

Games People Play

Note: This is a fictionalised version of a terrifying fact. All resemblance to you and yours is probably not incidental.

There’s a special feel to the morning. H gets out …

Keep The Hedges Pruned

“I didn’t know dykes thought differently from non-dykes... I mean other than the fact that they think about girls...”

“I’m One Of The Good Ones”

Some of the bloggers say all the “good ones” have been taken. Hey... I am right here. And I am good, believe you me. And I’m not taken. But that’s just the point – we all are the “good ones” in our own eyes

The L Word

But there are moments, when you know in your heart, that you did what you could – nothing, no force, could have made you give any less or any more. That is the point in your own evolution and inner growth, when you know that you have peaked, at least for the time being, until life prods you towards the next level.

Telling A Tale

“That is so sweet… would you mind if I took a photo?”

“Not at all”, and I narrowed the 3 inch gap between me and the bear-faced dog sitting by …