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Representing your token small town, when not losing his temper, flygye12 is constantly losing stuff. In his 30s and still undecided on a career, he marks time as a professional procrastinator. His top fantasies are to become a somewhat famous mural painter and lose 6 kgs. Irritating is his most often used word. The only sins he accepts in himself are his fondness for parentheses and smileys. He refuses to accept the boyfriend's charge that he snores and loves to hate his mother-out-law. PS: He earns his free time freelancing as a sailor and a teacher.

I’M 33

I turned 33 this year. I live in a touristy-hill-station-y town. In the Hindi movies we, folks of this town, go to school quite late.

The Closet

If I could, I would. But I won't. For I can stay in forever And never be found out.