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IB is an introvert and an HSP. Her life experiences seldom find authentic representation in popular culture. Therefore, she has taken it upon herself to write and do the needful. She feels most Rainbow People deserve an honorary doctorate for the brave, painstaking research they undertake to comprehend themselves in a hostile, patriarchal, heteronormative world.

Sindur Khela: Part 2

Diana and Soma stood conversing, and at times their conversation was interspersed with sudden beats played on the dhaak, to keep rhythm with the women who were dancing in a circle, having already performed boron. The two of them watched the happy women indulge in their revelry, as their line gradually shortened and brought them closer to the idols.

Sindur Khela: Part 1

The first time they had taken part in Pujo together, Diana had been perplexed by a thorough change in Soma’s demeanour during the festivities. The usually calm and reticent woman had transformed into a boisterous adolescent, trying everything and stopping at nothing.