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Who is John Q Public? He wonders this himself, more often than he'd like. When he's not doing what he's supposed to be doing - he thinks and when these thoughts have found their words, he writes them down, wreathing his experience to paper, almost wishing his reality were more 'real'. He loves the smell of new books, as well as the musty and trusty scent of the old. He spends too much on books, and more books. Besides that he wishes to be a short story writer and a poet someday (Oh! and he also wishes to get a little leaner, probably because society has warped, destroyed and remade his perception of beauty, while he remains blissfully oblivious).

The Hopeful Criminal

I woke up on the morning of the 11th of December with the pain of being branded with these triangles on my bare body: I am the homosexual; I am the criminal; I am an Indian.