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Queer, twenty-something designer of all sorts trying out writing. Passionate about fashion, feminism, french fries and fine wine. Aching to travel the world and just stay home in my pyjamas at the same time.

Round Two

I gaze at her face - her flushed cheeks, the mole on her chin, my lipstick smudged on the corners of her mouth. I let my eyes travel across her body, her slender neck, her sculpted arms. They linger a bit at her pert breasts. Her nipples are pink and erect, there’s a light sheen of sweat on her taut stomach. The lacy black outfit she had shed earlier did no justice to what was underneath. She is exquisite.

The First Night

She stops me, takes my hand and interlaces our fingers together before she leans close to whisper: “Don’t be shy, Princess. You are exquisite.”

Good Morning

I kiss along her collarbone. She moans when I reach the curve of her neck and gently suck. I cup her breasts and stroke her nipples with my thumbs. I nuzzle her shoulder, breathing in the salty citrus scent of her skin.

Sailing Away

Smiling, I turn to face her and interlace our fingers. I sweep my gaze over her; a deep blue bikini highlights her exquisite athletic body. When my eyes meet her striking blue ones, I lean closer and whisper softly, “I am now.”